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If you need a picture of something on your screen Then you need PrintScreen !

by Christopher 1333 views

How do I take a picture of something on my computer screen? Did you ever have an error message on the screen that you wanted to give to someone who might be able to help you? There are two basic ways, which we’ll cover here. The first method is to simply press the Print Screen button […]

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What kind of remote access to your files do you need?

by Christopher 1382 views

We all run into situations in which we’d like to access the files on our computer from some other location. There are basically two kinds of software to choose from here: remote control software, and VPN software. (There are also many popular variations on these two approaches, but they all stem from a mix of […]

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If you need to know the difference between your Windows version and your Office version Then read on !

by Christopher 1236 views

A question we sometimes get from clients is about the difference between their MS Office version and their MS Windows version, and how they are related. MS Windows software is what is called the operating system. It provides the underlying functionality that allows your application software to run. To determine your MS Windows version, click […]

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If you are disposing of your Windows XP computer, Then you need to safeguard your data first.

by Christopher 1736 views

If you are disposing of your old Windows XP computer Then you need to safeguard your data first. Your Windows computer stores much information about you and your software and how you use it. This includes saving usernames and passwords to social sites and email sites of course. But depending on how you use your […]

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If you are still using Windows XP, Then you need to act soon to protect yourself.

by Christopher 1459 views

Here is a quick reference as to what the end of Microsoft support for Windows XP means. As of April 8, 2014 Microsoft will no longer provide security hole fixes via Windows update. This means bad people who write software to exploit security holes in Windows XP will gradually have an easier time doing it […]

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If you download files from the internet… Then you need to worry about downloader software.

by Christopher 1358 views

So when would I encounter downloader software, and why is it a problem? Most downloader software spys on your browsing habits and sends detailed information about where you go on the internet back to its owner, using information that can uniquely identify you, usually for marketing purposes. This information can also include your computer’s unique […]

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If you use Windows… Then you need to be cautious about using more than one antivirus program.

by Christopher 1497 views

So if using one antivirus program is good, is two better? It depends. There are two basic kinds of antivirus software. The first kind is an always-on. It checks files you download, and files you open, to be sure they are virus free. The second kind is a scanner that you run manually from time […]

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If you have a computer you’re disposing of… Then you need to security wipe your data first.

by Christopher 1420 views

When you buy a new computer, you usually transfer all your data files to the new one. Not much thought is given to security wiping the files on your old computer before recycling it or giving the computer to someone else. But isn’t deleting the files and emptying the recycle bin good enough? No it […]

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