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CITC Works For You With Conservative IT Care

The CITC philosophy is conservative. We recommend cost effective and reliable solutions consistent with the comfort level of our clients as well as the budget and business goals of the company. We do not believe in always upgrading because if it still does what you need it to do, you shouldn’t replace it. What we do believe is that it is imperative to diagnose before you treat.

Christopher J. Burke

A native of the Washington, D.C. area and graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park, Christopher J. Burke began working in computer support in the dawn of the small to medium (SMB) business computer networking era. Graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, Burke took what began as a hobby and turned into a small business computer support company.

For nearly two-decades, Burke has worked in computer support, adapting new technologies to the needs of SMBs. In 1995 Burke, certified in computer support, founded his first company, Christopher Burke Consulting, incorporated in 1998 as PC Support, Inc. As personal, desktop and small business computer systems changed, so too did Burke’s business model, adding Managed Care Services to his company’s core business support service. The new business model allowed Burke to proactively address growing problems for SMBs: the prevalence of viruses, dependence on increasingly complex hardware and software systems and increased support costs. Through real-time alerting systems, maintenance automation and real-time remote support, Burke effectively enabled his clients to proactively avoid data losses, downtime and costly computer problems.

With the advent of Cloud Technologies and the kind of IT services and technologies formerly available only to Fortune 500 companies, Burke launched a new division, Corporate IT Care, to help SMBs focus on safely integrating cloud technologies that make sense for their business model. At the core of the CITC model are services that help SMBs discover Information Technology (IT) bottlenecks in their core business processes. CITC identifies solutions that fit an SMB’s business model and the owner’s own unique level of “technology tolerance.” With a business philosophy based on caring for his clients, Burke is keenly aware that many company heads are uncomfortable with change. CITC is in the unique position of being able to help SMBs ease the adoption of only the most stable, safe-and-secure-for-business Cloud Technologies and never employs a one-size-fits-all approach.

A native of Wheaton, Burke and his wife live in nearby Rockville, Maryland a wonderful little “big” city with small town charm and a great share of American history. Burke enjoys playing the piano and writing music, reading about philosophy, psychology and the latest on scientific and technology advancements, tinkering with electronics and spending time with his Black Lab and a talkative parrot.