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Goldin & Stafford has been using Chris Burke’s services since 1993. Corporate IT Care has been very responsive to all our Computer needs from purchasing all our Computers installing all our software and maintaining every aspect to do with computers. We had a software conversion in 2005 and Chris was very helpful from installation to [management] of Timberline [a software accounting system]. Chris continues to install updates to the system. Chris will call Timberline when I have a problem. (He can converse in their computer language better than I can). Chris looks out for all our computer needs at Goldin & Stafford, from the office to the field and offsite projects.
Chris is “Our Computer Guy” and has saved us many times when computers were down [because of] crashes and just overall being here when needed. Chris is like Company Family.
Dottie Gepert, Accounting Manager, Goldin & Stafford

We recently went through a server upgrade and email server change with Corporate IT Care. Through initial realization of the change needed, equipment specification design, product ordering, implementation of new design, Corporate IT Care was there with us every step of the way! They have the ability to tailor their design specifications and implementation meetings to match the knowledge and know-how of the people involved in the process at that particular time. This ability to talk directly to various people in our organization made both processes seamless and effortless on our part.
Corporate IT Care’s ability to recognize our company needs before we realize them and to keep us in front of the technology available in our industry has been a key component to our success. If you are contemplating a change to your IT support I would strongly recommend the staff at Corporate IT Care for the depth of knowledge and total “take care of everything” attitude.
Sid Chapman, VP Operations

Chris Burke of Corporate IT Care has helped resolve computer problems, computer connection problems with our main office in San Antonio, connection speed issues and many other computer issues for a number of years. I have complete trust and confidence in his knowledge and his ability to resolve problems.
Rosemary Ryan, SWRI

I started my own business 18 years ago, in half of my laundry room, and asked Chris Burke for advice and assistance in buying my first computer, and making it functional. I knew him from putting himself through college as a first class bartender.
Over the years in typical small business story, we have grown to 35 people with multiple computers, servers, a network, overlapping back up systems, and are currently considering putting it all on “the cloud”. At each gradation, Chris has been an integral part of our IT needs. He has been responsive when we need him, respectful of our budget, and has continually placed our needs in front of his own short-term gain. Over the years, he has demonstrated an uncanny ability to offer hardware and software strategies to take us to the next level, that were precisely suited to our size and price points.
He offers sound counsel, plainly points out the positives and negatives of differing strategies, and conducts himself with a commitment to service, and integrity, that any small business person could respect and emulate.
I heartily endorse Chris and his associates, as an excellent choice for your support needs. He’s there when you need him, not in your wallet when you don’t, straightforward, bridging the gap between technological complexity, and common sense – a rare find in the his business. As a small businessman himself, he understands that you didn’t start a business to have computers, you have them BECAUSE you took that plunge into small business, as did he.
John Peterson, President/Owner, Bond Water Technologies

I have been with Goldin & Stafford for over eight years, so I have used Chris Burke’s services as LAN Administrator for about as long. He is very professional, quickly figures out what is causing a problem: internet provider, network or hardware.
He always responded promptly to my requests for help, because he knows that our estimating department cannot function even for a few hours with a slow working computer, moreover with a computer down. In the recent years he effectively cleaned my computer from viruses and made his best efforts to improve it’s performance and integration into the network. And, of course, he accomplished much more for the company’s network in general, trying to keep it up and running flawlessly.
Finally, on the personal level Chris is very friendly and likable person, always finds time and patience to answer my questions and educates me on IT related subjects. When you call him or send an email asking for help, it feels like you are calling a close friend, who is always there for you. Thank you, Chris!
Edward, Golden & Stafford

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